A new book by Marty Podskoch

Welcome to the Adirondack 102 Club!!

The goal is to try to visit all of the 102 towns and villages in the Adirondacks.
It is similar to the Vermont 251 Club that has been in existence since 1954.

The Adirondack 102 Club: Your Passport and Guide to the North Country will be a guide to the travelers in their quest to visit all 102 towns and villages. Members will also learn about the history and fascinating places in the Adirondacks. By getting their book signed or stamped by a resident, they will also get to know the friendly locals and be able to ask them questions such as where there is a good place to eat or an interesting local attraction? Hopefully they will thereby get to know the real Adirondacks.

There are no rules or requirements to be a member. No documents to turn in. One may keep a journal in addition to this book in their quest. There is no membership fee, just a desire to experience the whole Adirondack region. Adults and children of all ages can be members. What a great adventure for families, grandparents and their grandchildren or by themselves. Most members will travel by car while others might use a bike, motorcycle, walk, or maybe a canoe!

Once a member has reached their goal of all 102 towns & villages they will then receive the “Vagabond” award. I chose this name because there was a group of influential men who made trips in the Adirondacks and other parts of the US to get away from their busy lives and learn about nature.

“Vagabonds” is how Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Harvey Firestone & John Burroughs described themselves when they took automobile camping trips together  in the Adirondacks & other sojourns throughout America to get away from their busy lives. Each man contributed a skill. Edison was the “navigator,” Ford the “mechanic,” Firestone the “organizer” and Burroughs the “naturalist.” A caravan of cars & trucks carried the “Vagabonds,” workers, a cook, camping equipment & a chuck wagon. Ford organized contests, such as sprints, tree climbing, and tree chopping. After dinner they relaxed by the campfire discussing issues of the day.  Each Vagabond had his own tent with electric lights. They traveled through the Adirondacks twice. In 1916 they camped near Saratoga Springs, Indian Lake, Elizabethtown, Ausable Forks, Paul Smiths & Plattsburgh.  In 1919 they picked their spots as the day allowed: Loon Lake, Long Lake, Lake Placid and Plattsburgh. They were the source of many news stories and their trips led NYS to build campsites to encourage auto camping.

So now begin your quest as a member of the Adirondack 102 Club to not only visit all the towns and villages but get to know the real Adirondacks. Let’s all take the road less traveled!

“It is one thing to say ‘I visited the Adirondacks,’ but quite another to say ‘I experienced the Adirondacks.’

I promise an enriching journey and encourage you to do so with friends and loved ones with this unique passport in hand. A great adventure awaits! This book is an invitation I encourage you to accept.”

—New York State Senator Betty Little